Solar Made Simple

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“Trusted, personalised solar solutions from a local Sunshine Coast company.”

Sunshine Coast Solar Solutions are a local family-run business and industry leaders in solar power installations. We take pride in our workmanship, our customer relationships and confidence in the quality of reliable products supplied. Our business has grown over the years due to our highly regarded referrals from our satisfied customers. Our Company’s purpose is simple – “provide a positive impact on energy use, while making your life better and saving you money”.

Sunshine Coast Solar Solutions is a division of Skilled Electrical Services established in 1996.  We specialise in PV Solar Design, installations, repairs, maintenance and additions and all electrical services.

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"Solar power is our passion and profession and we will be around in years to come"

Why SC Solar

Solar Energy is our future and a sound investment. It is important you obtain the correct information before purchasing a solar system. SC Solar has a wealth of information and knowledge relating to solar panels and the field of photovoltaic technology. We are licenced and Accredited Design and Installers for domestic and commercial solar systems up to 200kw. We cover the Wide Bay region, the Burnett, Bundaberg, Mary Valley and Somerset Region. 


With ongoing development in the solar industry, we continue to grow our expertise by attending conferences, direct product training both nationally and globally and sourcing more effective techniques for solar installations.

Benefits of Solar

Solar will save you money.  Powering your home or business with a PV Solar energy system will reduce your electricity bills and may even earn you money.  SC Solar offer smart energy solutions monitored by an app on your phone or computer, allowing you to understand how much your system is generating, how much power you are using and how much power you are feeding back to the grid.

Installing a solar system is a long-term investment and will not only enhance your property value but also mitigate the effect of rising electricity costs.


"With solar technology more affordable than ever, now is the time to go solar"



Sales, design and installation – we take care of everything by offering you the complete package. SC Solar will come to your place to assess your roof and the environment, discuss your power habits and usage needs and then offer you the ideal solar solution for your home or business.


Values – integrity; knowledge; professional; experienced; transparency; and passion. Integrity is core to our business and we do the right thing by our customers and our business. Our high standards are part of our everyday working life and we pursue excellence in everything we do. By providing outstanding products with an unsurpassed client service, we deliver value to our customers and the referrals speak for themselves.


Products – there are many products on the market ranging from budget to high end. When selecting products to suit your needs and budget, SC Solar supply and install proven products that are independently tested. The panels we install are listed on the Bloomberg New Energy Finance Corporation Tier 1 list and the inverters selected provide the most efficiencies.


A Tier 1 solar panel is designed to produce power for the expect lifespan of 25 years, giving you value for money in the long term. To be accredited on the Tier 1 list, solar panel manufacturers must own their own manufacturing facility and not be outsourced. This ensures the panels have strict quality control guidelines with higher performance and reliability.


Inverter quality and value is just as important as their warranties, the company's presence in Australia and monitoring options. Reliable brands are only installed by SC Solar giving you piece of mind.


Pricing and savings - fewer overheads and matching buying power with large solar companies, SC Solar can offer you the best possible price on your solar system. We are not here to just sell you a solar system instead, we are here to make your life better.

When choosing the most suitable system for your needs, we also consider your power habits to assist in reducing your power consumption on household items such as air-conditioners, pool pumps, lights and appliances, leading to further savings.


Clean Power – going solar not only reduces the cost of your power bill but also your carbon footprint. Solar is also the most effective way to help protect the environment. The electricity produced from your solar system produces zero emissions, therefore reducing greenhouse gas emissions. You live in Queensland so why not harness the sun!


Maintenance – just like servicing your car, it is important to service your solar system. As per the Clean Energy Council guidelines, SC Solar will inspect products such as panels, racking, wiring, inverter and overall performance of the system. Valuable performance data from your inverter is collected to ensure the system is producing the maximum power.


How to choose the right Solar System
Traditional inverters V optimisers and micro inverters