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How do you know which Solar Company to trust?

The building industry is on fire and there are so many stories about overinflated prices, delayed waiting times to get a job done, and paying upfront for a job, only for the company to disappear. So how do you know who to trust in business?

Do the company values align with your values? Subconsciously, customers ask themselves - What makes your company unique or better? Why should I buy from you? Why does your company exist?

Marketing is a powerful tool, so cutting through glossy logos and pictures can be a challenge. The values upon which our company is built tell you what we believe is important to us and our customers.

SC Solar's purpose is simple - to provide a positive impact on energy use, while making your life better and saving you money. Our unique values separate us from others as we never cut corners while ensuring our integrity is not compromised and pursuing our commitment to sustainability.

We live by our philosophy and are passionate about solar and the products we sell. We are transparent, open, and authentic while genuinely caring for our customers and their needs. So trust your intuition and your learned experience - if something sounds too good to be true then it is.

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