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Queensland's 140% rise in Electric Vehicles (EV) sales

Electric vehicle sales have completely skyrocketed in Queensland over the past several years, the growth continuing with a 140 per cent increase last year.

The surge in adoption comes as purchase and running prices continue to come down, making the vehicles an attractive choice for those on the market.

It's resulted in a quiet revolution across the state, with 1,006 electric vehicles sold during the past financial year, more than double of that seen in the previous 12 months.

The average electric car costs just four cents a kilometre in energy use, compared to 14 cents a kilometre on petrol – chalking up a saving of $1560 a year.

The Queensland Government is also currently offering registration discounts for those taking up the electric mantle, with hybrid and electric vehicles attracting the state's lowest vehicle registration, saving the average owner $70 a year.

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