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Return on your investment

Considering the recent solar panel price increases upwards of 15%, supply-chain pressures and the energy crisis, the overall impact on your system's payback period is negligible.

The average cost for a solar system in Queensland 2022 for a 6.6kw system is between $6,000-$8,000 depending on products selected and include the government STC rebate. The payback periods for solar panels will vary but you can expect a payback period of between 4-6 years. Considering the average life expectancy of solar panels are between 25-30 years, that's a solid return on your investment.

The key to solar savings is 'self-consumption'. You will receive a much better return when YOU use your solar-generated electricity because any electricity you generate from your solar system and don't feed back into the grid, is essentially 'free'.

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