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Solar System Rebate in 2022

The solar power rebate is promoted in many ways but the bottom line is, all residents are entitled to the rebate when installing a new (or complete) solar power system on their home or business.

The solar power rebate offered is called, STC's (Small-scale Technology Certificates) and this is given to our customers as an upfront discount on the purchase of any complete solar system.

The price of an STC relies on the cost of carbon and fluctuations due to supply and demand.

The amount of STC's given depends on the size of your solar system and the year it was installed because each year (until 2030) the number of STC's reduces. For example in 2021 a 6.66kw solar system had 92 STC's and in 2022 the same sized system reduces to 82 STC's. Based on a rate of $37 per STC the solar rebate discount was $3,404 but in 2022 the discount is reduced to $3,034. If you wait until 2023 to install a 6.66kw system, the STC's will reduce to 73 and the discount would only be $2,701.

So why wait? Each year your solar rebate discount is reduced. To make the most of the Government solar rebate, install your solar system today.

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