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Upgrading or replacing your solar system

If your solar system fails or you want a larger system, there are options to consider. Lets look at upgrading your solar system first.

Upgrading a solar system

There are various reasons why homeowners wish to upgrade their solar system. It could be that a panel or inverter has failed; or the system is old and at its end of life; or even the system you have is too small for your needs and you want to upgrade to a larger sized solar system. Whatever the reason, the first thing we need to consider is if the solar system is up to today's current standards. Any alternations or additions to an existing system must comply by today's standards. The good news is, upgrading a system is an option but its best to speak to a qualified solar technician first.

Replacing a solar system

If you are wanting to increase the kW (kilowatt) size of your solar system and if your current solar system has panels and/or an inverter that is no longer on the current CEC-accredited list, you will be required to replace the solar system and comply with current regulations.

There are many other variables with changes to a solar system such as replacing a panel or two; replacing a failed inverter; increasing the number of solar panels on your roof; or even removing solar panels to fix your roof. Consulting with a qualified solar intaller is your first port of call for advice on the best option for you.

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